photo Gilles Leimdorfer

Maryline Berhault

My work is  my passion and my way of life.When I am in the garden or the kitchen thinking of my work.

Maryline was born in 1961 in Rouillac, in the Breton countryside.

Her meeting with Jean-René Marrec, with whom she started a family, also developed her interest in ceramics.


Whith her children grown up, ceramics began to occupy more space in Maryline's life.

Maryline is a self-taught, with the help of her husband and professionals,  she found and developed her own personal style of work.

Maryline has developed and created an imaginary and colorful animal world expressing her joy of life and relaxation. Her work is carried out with sincerity and sensitivity.

Each expressive piece is  shaped by hand, decorated and then buscuit, glazed. and is unique.



 After 20 years in country workshop in Langourla, I came to open the workshop gallery in Dinan with Jean-René Marrec.

We present our work as contemporary forms of sculptures, modern and geométric along with our paintings.

Our gallery is in the heart of the medieval town of Dinan and is open o the public. Here we create our works which we exhibit and offer for sale. We can also carry out work for you to special order.


Maryline Berhault

Born in 1961 in Rouillac (22)


1983   : installation in Langourla with Jean-René Marrec

1995   : Stay in Morocco to meet rural potters.

2000   : work with Kristie Hammarström

2001   : Installation in Dinan


 Main Exhibitions


1991             : 5 Céramists Eglise Anglicane Dinan (22)

1992             : Ceramic biennale Andenne (Belgium)

1994             : Ceramic biennale Andenne (Belgium)

1996             : Gallery des Monts d'Arrée Braspard (29)

1998             : 2nd Exhibition of contemporary ceramic Villeurbanne (69)

                       Animal Sculptures Loulin de Paillard Ponçé sur le Loir (72)

                       Gunden (Austria)

1999             : The Cat Rochefort en Terre (56)

                       Gallery L'impasse Pont Aven (29)

2001             : The Noah's Ark (Germany)

                       Le Pelican Dinan (22)

2002             : Boz'Art 2 Saint Briac (35)

2003             : Cap sur les Arts Pleslin Trigavou (22)

2004             : Les Arts de Mer Cancale (35)

2005             : Gallery Andréa Muller AGshafenburg (Germany)

2006             : Le Boeuf Herbignac (56)

2007             : Hommage à Guillevic Dinan (2ison et 2)

2009             : Secret d'Artiste MAison du Gouverneur Dinan (22)

2011             : Collége Art Gallery Jean Monnet Broons (22)

2008 à 2015   : Craft Maison et Objet Villepinte (93)